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Thread: Accessibility article on BBC News Online


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From: Tom Gilder
Date: Fri, Jun 21 2002 11:03AM
Subject: Accessibility article on BBC News Online
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Bill Thompson has written about the issue of web accessibility on BBC News
Online, at http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_2055000/2055647.stm

He mentions the RNIB, Macromedia Flash accessibility issues and screen readers.
I feel this is very good news, as the general issue of web accessibility needs
to get into the public eye a lot more.

However, it is a shame both his site (<http://www.andfinally.com/bill/>;) and BBC News
Online have major accessibility problems, which is slightly hypocritical. I've
e-mailed him suggesting a few improvements to his site.

Tom Gilder

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