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Thread: off-the-shelf eLearning


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From: Jennison Asuncion
Date: Mon, Nov 25 2013 4:30PM
Subject: off-the-shelf eLearning
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What/who are folks recommending for basic and intermediate commercial off-the-shelf eLearning on both web and mobile accessibility concepts? I am looking for quality courseware targeted at designer and developer audiences separately, if at all possible. To be clear, I am not looking for any courseware leading to some form of certification, simply something generic that can get designers and developers started in their journeys.

Also, are there any eLearning courses out there on the CVAA?


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From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Mon, Nov 25 2013 5:15PM
Subject: Re: off-the-shelf eLearning
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I'll be most fascinated to learn of your results, Jennison, so please
post a summary to the list if you receive offline responses and can
get permission.

While I see plenty of free seminars, and I see plenty of face-to-face
training options in this industry, I don't see too many elearning
courses, except some offered at UC Boulder, as I recall. and I don't
think those were self-taught; as I recall them, anyway, they
seemed more like distance learning classes conducted by a faculty member.

As I recall, WebAIM used to sell its training course on CD, but I
haven't seen anything offered like that for a while.

Maybe I'm missing the obvious at the moment. But it would be most
interesting to see self-taught elearning courses, constructed on
platforms accessible on both the front and back-ends, that would
serve as models for accessibility, in and of themselves. And that
means both for designers and developers.

Eagerly awaiting responses.