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Thread: Alternatives to hover / discussion on A List Apart


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From: Whitney Quesenbery
Date: Tue, Jan 28 2014 9:27AM
Subject: Alternatives to hover / discussion on A List Apart
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Hi all,

I'm pleased to share that a chapter from my new book with Sarah Horton was
excerpted today on A List Apart.


This is a good chance for a constructive conversation with web developers,
and to share good coding techniques for accessibility. There are so many
people on this list who are more technical than I am, and who have so much
experience. It would be an opportunity to make the collective wisdom more

There's a first question asking about alternatives to using a hover to
display additional non-critical information about an element on the screen.
He asks what interaction patterns would work well both for AT and
touch-screens. I don't think Scott is talking about menus, but is looking
for accessible patterns he can incorporate into his work.


Whitney Quesenbery
www.wqusability.com | @whitneyq


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- Storytelling for User
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