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Thread: three more acronym questions


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From: Timothy J. Luoma
Date: Thu, Jun 27 2002 3:37PM
Subject: three more acronym questions
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1) Do y'all mark up obvious/very common acronyms like <acronym
title="television">TV</acronym> or <acronym title="compact
disc">CD</acronym> or do you leave off the titles for something that

2) If you have a plural acronym, like CDs, as in:

<p>Yesterday I bought two CDs</p>

what is the proper way to mark that up? Should it be:

<acronym title="compact discs">CD</acronym>s
<acronym title="compact discs">CDs</acronym>

3) If you have already defined an acronym, and then use its plural, should
you define its plural form?

<p>Yesterday I went to the <acronym title="compact disc">CD</acronym>
store and I bought two <acronym title="compact discs">CDs</acronym>.</p>

(Ok, these aren't the most exciting examples ever, but they're for
illustrative purposes ;-)


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