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Thread: Wrong title shooing in iPad


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From: Christopher M Kelly
Date: Tue, Feb 11 2014 1:04PM
Subject: Wrong title shooing in iPad
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Hi. I'm investigating a behavior only appearing in web pages using Safari on the iPad (iOS7). It does not appear for us on iPhone.

These pages are using SSL, they're surveys actually, and the title on the pages, no matter what's in the <title> element. What Safari displays as the page title is the provider of the SSL certificate, apparently. So, say the provider is "Company A" and the page has <title>survey</title> what is shown in the top of the Safari tab, and read by Voice Over as the title, is "Company A."

I'm sorry I cannot provide a link because the pages are behind a firewall in testing.

Has anyone heard of this? I've been pointed to a discussion on the topic from 2012 here but can find no definitive answers on causes or workarounds: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3941962. I don't know whether to advise the project on ways to fix it or write it off as a quirk in iPad/Safari/iOS7.

Any help appreciated.

Christopher M. Kelly (GM22)
Accessibility Specialist - Accessibility Center of Excellence (ACE)
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