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Thread: longdesc, content detail


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From: Birdsell, John
Date: Tue, Jul 23 2002 10:49AM
Subject: longdesc, content detail
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I have to build a demo, from screen shots of people soft product screens.
These screen shots are all forms that contain anywhere from 3 to 20 plus
fields. There are planned voice overs describing the content and function
each of these pages also.

My question is how much information should I provide about these screen such
using the longdesc attribute? Do I describe each button and field and their

Since there will be a voice over can I just keep the description short, such
as 'screen shot of back end screen for adding Job Posting data' and let the
voice over /transcript handle the details?

Thank you.

Jay Birdsell

Web Developer
202 - 927 - 6218

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