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Thread: Dropdown menu component


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From: Sean Curtis
Date: Mon, Jan 19 2015 3:12PM
Subject: Dropdown menu component
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Hi list,

Wondering if I could get some feedback on this dropdown menu component we
built. We've had some feedback from a handful of people who use AT, but I'd
love to get a broader sample.

I whipped up a test page here: http://jsbin.com/zuwaco/1/

Some things we know aren't perfect:

- the sub menu doesn't announce as a "level 2" menu (can you associate a
menu with another? I haven't tried using aria-owns yet)
- using VO + Space to trigger the submenu button doesn't place focus inside
the submenu (this has been difficult due to browsers not often treating
this as a "click" event), however using enter or right works.
- VO doesn't read the group headings (looking at using aria-describedby on
each item to work around this)
- Chrome on OSX reads the checked state of checkboxes correctly, but VO +
Space announces the incorrect action on it (eg "Firefox, checked,
checkbox", VO+Space, "check Firefox, checkbox").

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Sean Curtis