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Thread: JAWS cursor doesn't work in Firefox or Chrome


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From: Reckless Player
Date: Sun, Feb 22 2015 12:18PM
Subject: JAWS cursor doesn't work in Firefox or Chrome
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There are technical options available in Firefox to get the Jaws cursor working.
But in general, it is my understanding that both AT developers as well
as UI developers are moving away from this type of exploration mode.
Keep in mind:
1. In Chrome, you can bring the mouse cursor to wherever you're
focused by routing the Jaws cursor to PC cursor. No feedback will be
provided though, and none is needed if you just want to perform a
2. In any browser, you can use CTRL+Insert+Delete (laptop layout) to
bring the keyboard focus to wherever you are in the virtual buffer.
Use your keyboard's context key (if it has one) to bring up the right
click menu, or press Enter to simulate left click.
Note: if the site is complex, the mouse cursor may take time to reach
your original position.
Additional note: if you want to check the color using mouse cursor,
it's usually not accurate.

On 2/5/15, Lynn Holdsworth < = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = > wrote:
> Thanks guys.
> Asa: ChromeVox doesn't offer the kind of position-based screen review
> capability that I need. Thanks for suggesting it anyhow - it was worth
> a try.
> Leoni: I'll certainly add my voice to those that have already
> contacted FS about this issue. It's impacting my job and I'd love them
> forever if they could come up with a solution.
> I just tried NVDA, whose documentation says it has a review mode, but
> frustratingly I couldn't get it to work.
> Thanks as always, Lynn
> On 05/02/2015, Léonie Watson < = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = > wrote:
>> " Obviously if anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it. But I've spent
>> 3 hours this morning searching, tweaking, restarting and failing."
>> Unfortunately it's been this way with Jaws and Firefox for several
>> versions
>> of both the browser and the screen reader. It has to do with the graphics
>> engine Mozilla uses in Firefox I think.
>> Chrome isn't officially supported by Jaws, so I'm not sure there's any
>> expectation that the Jaws cursor should work there.
>> FS is aware of the Firefox problem. Please contact them to let them know
>> you're finding it a problem though - as with all software and bugs, the
>> more
>> people that raise the issue the better.
>> Léonie.
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>> @LeonieWatson Tink.UK Carpe diem
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>>> Hi all,
>>> This is more of a rant than a question.
>>> I'm feeling totally disempowered and unequal today. I've been asked to
>>> audit a site that doesn't work in IE (it has a cross-domain login issue),
>> so
>>> thought I'd jump ship to Firefox and audit it in there.
>>> It's a very visual site with lots of inaccessible widgets, and I'd
>>> usually
>> use the
>>> JAWS cursor to find out what's where and what the current value is if
>>> possible.
>>> But it doesn't work in Firefox.
>>> I searched the web and changed some values in about:config and in FF's
>>> advanced settings, to no avail.
>>> Enter Google Chrome!
>>> The JAWS cursor doesn't work in that browser either.
>>> So I'm having to pay someone with eyesight to help me identify and
>> describe
>>> issues on the site.
>>> That's all. Just feeling as though a previously levelling playing-field
>> has been
>>> whipped out from under my feet.
>>> Obviously if anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it. But I've spent
>>> 3 hours this morning searching, tweaking, restarting and failing.
>>> Thanks for listening!
>>> Best, Lynn
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