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Thread: recommendations for teaching accessible JavaScript, AJAX, etc.


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From: deborah.kaplan@suberic.net
Date: Wed, May 27 2015 7:48AM
Subject: recommendations for teaching accessible JavaScript, AJAX, etc.
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I'm looking for your favorite recommendations for teaching developers
the nitty-gritty of writing accessible JavaScript. Not the whys, but the
hows: when to add tabindex and key down actions and aria. I'm fine with
text or video. Behind a pay wall is fine. In fact, ideally I am looking
for published books, published chapters, published videos, or conference
videos -- in this particular circumstance that's what is most needed.
But any great resources would be good.

Especially among published things, it is so easy to find the basics,
but much more difficult to find the actual details the developer needs
down in the weeds.

Thanks so much,

Deborah Kaplan

From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Wed, May 27 2015 10:16AM
Subject: Re: recommendations for teaching accessible JavaScript, AJAX, etc.
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Hope some of these links may help.
Maybe Patrick and Léonie have links to videos for
their presentations that I cite below.


Apps For All Coding Accessible Web Applications

Accompanied by these examples:

Designing with Progressive Enhancement:

And their opensource work (which should include examples related to the book):

Some slide-sets (which probably have videos that
I don't have time to hunt down right now):
A Rock n Roll Guide to HTML5 & ARIA (2013)

A quick & dirty introduction to ARIA (2014)

ARIA, accessibility APIs & coding like you give a damn! (2015)

WAI-ARIA - an introduction to Accessible Rich Internet Applications - (...)