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Thread: Angularjs and ARIA


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From: Brian Lovely
Date: Sun, Apr 24 2016 8:19AM
Subject: Angularjs and ARIA
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Hi all,

Does anyone know if the Angularjs framework contains any built-in support for WAI ARIA, or do you just have to employ ARIA tags when you are building your templates?

Brian Lovely

From: Graham Armfield
Date: Sun, Apr 24 2016 10:01AM
Subject: Re: Angularjs and ARIA
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I've been learning a bit about Angular and accessibility recently.

The short answer to your question is (I think) not much, but you might find
these links useful:

- https://docs.angularjs.org/guide/accessibility
- http://simplyaccessible.com/article/spangular-accessibility/
- http://marcysutton.github.io/angular-a11y/#/

Graham Armfield


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Sun, Apr 24 2016 7:11PM
Subject: Re: Angularjs and ARIA
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Here are several more links on the topic of angular.js that folks might
find helpful.


A 2015 presentation by Marcy Sutton (in case you prefer video):

Accessible Images Using Angular - SSB BART Group

A slideset by Dirk Ginader ... Making your Angular.js Application accessible

A series of blog posts by Dylan Barrell that goes through making the
TodoMVC angular.js application accessible. Maybe it has been overtaken
by events, but perhaps still helpful, conceptually: