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From: Marek Prokop
Date: Wed, Aug 21 2002 2:25PM
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Hello all,

I've been lurking here for about a month and would like to thank
you all for great hints and tips that helped me to improve my
knowledge about accesible web design. However there is a
problem, what I did not find out a solution of so far -- proper
mixing of languages in HTML elements and their 'title'
attributes, so the result would be still accesible for people
with screenreaders.

My primary language is not English (it's Czech), but as a
publisher of an ezin for webmasters I quite often cite foreign
(mostly English) authors and resources, use English
abbreviations and terms, etc. Let me give some examples. To make
them clear I'm writing them only in English, marking the primary
language of the document with lower case, while foreign language
(English) with upper case:

<abbr lang="en" title="CASCADING STYLE SHEETS (cascading style

<a href=".." hreflang="en" title="THE ORIGINAL NAME OF THE
ARTICLE">interesting article about something</a>

Another issue is that Czech uses inflection of nouns. For
instance, if I want to say "the article by John Smith", I have
to say "clanek Johna Smithe" in Czech. Notice those 'a' and 'e'
at the end of the names. Should I code it like:

clanek <span lang="en">John</span>a <span

It doesn't look well and moreover it's even not possible in some
cases, because inflection could sometimes add some letters
inside the word.

Hope it's clear enough.

Thanks in advance for you opinions and suggestions.


Marek Prokop

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