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Thread: Re: WebCam (captions)


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From: Jared Smith
Date: Thu, Aug 29 2002 11:43AM
Subject: Re: WebCam (captions)
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Whether you need closed captions for what you are doing is a decision
you will need to make. Both the WCAG guidelines and Section 508
required that you provide equivalent (synchronized) alternatives to
auditory and visual content.



If you are providing archived video using one of the major media
players (Quicktime, RealPlayer, or Windows Media Player), then there
is an easy, though somewhat time intensive solution for providing
captions. Live broadcasts, however, introduce more complexity and
cost. Does anyone know of new developments in the area of real-time
web captioning???

Learn more about web captioning at

Real-time captioning providers

Jared Smith
Center for Persons with Disabilities
Utah State University

On Thursday, August 29, 2002 you sent:
SO> Hello,
SO> Do I need to have closed captioning for a webcam broadcast (radio and
SO> video)? Where can I find a guideline on this?

SO> Thanks in advance,
SO> Sunghee


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