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From: Matthew Mattingly
Date: Fri, Dec 01 2017 2:59PM
Subject: Infographics standards
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Are there any existing standards for infographics, data visualizations, Tableau dashboards and the like? We are working on institution level standards and looking for models.
I’ve found various how-to articles and recommendations but nothing comprehensive and definitive.
Tableau in particular is being rapidly adopted without clear guidelines for accessible practices. Not only does it create complex charts and graphs, it allows the user to explore the data using graphical tools and dynamic displays. This experience can’t be replaced by access to the raw data or by a static description.
There are emerging technologies that generate natural language descriptions based on the data and conditions set by the designer; I don’t know how good these are or what the criteria for judging them would be.
I suppose there could be two types of standard - one for the tool itself and the other for its implementation by users.

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