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Thread: RE: "Greater Than" symbols used for other things


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From: Joe Clark
Date: Sat, Sep 28 2002 2:44PM
Subject: RE: "Greater Than" symbols used for other things
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The right-arrow character, → or →, works adequately well
in many browsers and is obviously the only character to use to
signify an right arrow *because it is one*.

Still and all, simulations and substitutions are possible. I do not
see how many of the alternatives suggested are hugely worse. I think
right double guillemet

From: Carol Foster
Date: Mon, Sep 30 2002 6:02AM
Subject: Thanks
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Thanks, everyone, for your helpful replies to my recent queries about
greater-than symbols and the e-commerce site. We will take all of this
into consideration.


Carol Foster, Web Developer
Internet Publishing Group, Information Technology Services
University of Massachusetts, President's Office
phone: (413) 587-2130
fax: (413) 587-2148

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