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Thread: Any screen-reader experience / testing with Turbolinks?


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From: Jeremy Echols
Date: Wed, Apr 25 2018 2:06PM
Subject: Any screen-reader experience / testing with Turbolinks?
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I'm looking at this project: https://github.com/turbolinks/turbolinks and it seems like I'm getting inconsistent results when using NVDA and Firefox on an app that uses it. In particular, it seems like a lot of times I'm seeing the page reload, but NVDA isn't aware anything has changed and announces nothing to me.

I'm not certain where the fault lies, though, as this project seems to include literally dozens of JavaScript libraries (over 150 individual *.js files, in fact). It's a Ruby on Rails project, too, so its flavor of Turbolinks may be ever-so-slightly different from the latest and greatest on github. Which could be a pain to track down.

I will probably have to set up a very simple demo that uses turbolinks in isolation, and try to slowly add in the Rails piece I suspect could be adding to the problem, but I'm hoping somebody here has already spent time with this project and can short-cut the answer for me.