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Thread: jaws not updating virtual buffer when document., title changes


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From: Nick Allan
Date: Wed, Jul 25 2018 6:25PM
Subject: jaws not updating virtual buffer when document., title changes
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Hi all
I've got a single page dynamic application, its using the document.title element to show the status of the app.
The title changes regularly, but I've noticed that jaws doesn't automatically update the virtual buffer's top line to reflect the new value. Doing an insert+escape does update the virtual buffer to show the new value and insert+t also tracks it correctly.
This seems to be a bug in jaws, but I'm looking for any suggestions on what could be done in the application code that might force a virtual buffer refresh.
Environment is firefox 52 esr and jaws2018
The following indicates in earlier versions of jaws that toggling the value of an hidden input did trigger off an update. But this doesn't seem to be working for me in jaws2018.

Any suggestions?


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