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Thread: Auditoriums: Style guidelines (e.g, contrast)


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From: Mark Weiler
Date: Tue, May 28 2019 2:11PM
Subject: Auditoriums: Style guidelines (e.g, contrast)
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Does anyone know of reliable guidelines for presentations in auditoriums. For example, contrast ratios (7:1), width of lines in shapes, etc.

From: Bourne, Sarah (MASSIT)
Date: Thu, May 30 2019 10:38AM
Subject: Re: Auditoriums: Style guidelines (e.g, contrast)
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Here are a few guides for accessible presentations that may help:
How can you make your presentation accessible?<https://www.washington.edu/doit/how-can-you-make-your-presentation-accessible> (University of Washington)
How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All<https://www.w3.org/WAI/teach-advocate/accessible-presentations/#preparing-slides-and-projected-material-speakers> (W3C-WAI)

Although less specific on slide deck considerations, there are some great tips on the bigger picture in this SIGACCESS material:
Accessible Conference Guide<http://www.sigaccess.org/welcome-to-sigaccess/resources/accessible-conference-guide/>;

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