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Thread: move focus in iOS Safari


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From: Xavi Blanch
Date: Thu, Jul 11 2019 5:07AM
Subject: move focus in iOS Safari
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This is my first message. My name is Xavi and I'm from Barcelona, I'm blind
and I'm working as accessibility consultant and web developer.

I have a question for us, about voiceover in safari on iOS.

I have a button with a javascript action that's open other options. I need
move the focus on other link when the user press button.

I have tried with .focus() of jquery but dont' workin iOS.

Are there some way to do this? In desktop brosers works correctly with
screen readers.

Thanks in advance.



From: glen walker
Date: Thu, Jul 11 2019 6:35AM
Subject: Re: move focus in iOS Safari
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This might be the same problem as skip links. Skip links on iOS do not
work. The focus does not move to the target of the link. The page will
scroll to the target but the next swipe just moves the VoiceOver focus to
the next element after the skip link instead of the element in the target
of the skip link.