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Thread: EU Internet accessibility and digital inclusion proposals


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From: Karlen Communications
Date: Mon, Sep 23 2019 7:06AM
Subject: EU Internet accessibility and digital inclusion proposals
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This is from an international list. I thought some might be interested in
either participating or just knowing that there are such projects being
worked on.

Dear GATE Community Members,

We are pleased to share the details of two upcoming call for proposals from
the European Commission:

1. Call for proposals on an empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet.

The scope is to develop novel mobile applications translating between speech
and sign languages, to facilitate inclusion and communication. The projects
should leverage on current state-of-the-art in translation between all
official spoken and sign languages of the EU Member States and associated
countries for efficient and effective use on mobile devices.

For more information:

2. Call for proposals to set up a digital accessibility observatory.

The scope is to ensure a cost-efficient provision of accessible information
to enable persons with disability and older people to understand, navigate
and interact with the Internet.

The aim of the accessibility observatory is to serve as a forum to take
stock of market and technological developments, monitor progress in digital
accessibility and provide opportunities for exchange of best practices.

For more information:

Many thanks and best wishes,

the GATE team