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Thread: Contrast and WebAIM Chrome Extension


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From: kelly@kellford.com
Date: Thu, Oct 31 2019 7:30AM
Subject: Contrast and WebAIM Chrome Extension
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For items that the WebAIM Chrome extension flags as contrast issues, is
there a way to get the numeric value of the contrast? Right now all I get
is alt text where the errors are flagged saying very low contrast.


From: Jared Smith
Date: Thu, Oct 31 2019 8:15AM
Subject: Re: Contrast and WebAIM Chrome Extension
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Kelly -

Yes, with the brand new, updated extension and online WAVE tool if you
select the Contrast panel in the sidebar it will indicate the contrast
ratio for any item, if the text is considered "Large", and pass/fail
alignment with WCAG AA and AAA requirements. Activating one of the Low
Contrast icons will update these values for that element. You can also
adjust the color in the sidebar to find suitable colors - and can preview
these colors applied to the element in the page.

You can also use the color pickers for foreground and background colors to
explore other color combinations. On Mac you can use the eye-dropper tool
in the color picker to select and test colors from the web page - even from
images! I do suspect that this functionality is mouse-dependent, however.


Jared Smith