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Thread: An Opportunity to Advocate Today: Adobe Project Access Ace


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From: Marshall Sunnes
Date: Tue, Mar 31 2020 10:29AM
Subject: An Opportunity to Advocate Today: Adobe Project Access Ace
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Adobe is pitching an accessibility widget for Adobe Campaign and Adobe
Experience Platform (AEM) as Project Access Ace
<https://www.adobe.com/summit/2020/access-ace-summit-sneak.html> as part of
their 2020 Adobe Summit. AEM is a popular Content Management System (CMS),
so this could have a big impact on user-created content.

Here's the catch, this project is only a Sneak Project
<https://www.adobe.com/summit/2020/sneaks.html>, which means that is
experimental, and they will only consider adopting it if they get enough votes
on Twitter. <http://adobe.ly/AdobeSneaks2020>;

*Here's what you can do:*

- Let Adobe know on Twitter <http://adobe.ly/AdobeSneaks2020>; that
Project Access Ace needs to happen

Personally, I am not thrilled about treating accessibility tools as
optional, but nevertheless, you can let Adobe know they should include this
in their products.

*Marshall Sunnes*
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