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Keyboard Shortcuts for JAWS


The following list of keyboard shortcuts should be helpful to a wide array of individuals and can be used as a quick reference guide. First, this guide will help JAWS users navigate within Internet Explorer. Second, this guide will be helpful to increase the awareness of web content developers regarding keyboard shortcuts that would conflict with JAWS. Finally, programmers will find the keyboard commands typical for JAWS user a helpful reference.

Portions of this resource are adapted from the Web Axe list of JAWS Keyboard Shortcuts.

Reading Text

Command Description
Say Prior Character
Say Next Character
Num Pad 5 Say Character
Num Pad 5 twice quickly Say Character Phonetically
Insert + Say Prior Word
Insert + Say Next Word
Insert + Num Pad 5 Say Word
Insert + Num Pad 5 twice quickly Spell Word
Say Prior Line
Say Next Line
Insert + Say Current Line
Insert + twice quickly Spell Current Line
Alt + Say Prior Sentence
Alt + Say Next Sentence
Alt+Num Pad 5 Say Current Sentence
Insert + Home Say to Cursor
Insert + Page Up Say from Cursor
Insert + Home twice quickly Spell to Cursor
Insert + Page Up twice quickly Spell from Cursor
Insert + Say All
Fast Forward during a Say All
Rewind during a Say All
Insert + 5 Say Color
Num Pad 5 three times quickly Say ASCII or Hexadecimal Value
Insert + F, twice quickly Say Font
Ctrl + Insert + Start Skim Reading
Ctrl + Insert + Shift + Skim Reading dialog box
Insert + Windows Key + Display Skim Reading Summary

Voice Rate

Command Description
Ctrl + Alt + Page Down Decrease Voice Rate
Ctrl + Alt + Page Up Increase Voice Rate
Page Down Decrease Voice Rate (when using SayAll)
Page Up Increase Voice Rate (when using SayAll)

Regions, Headings, and Lists

Command Description
R Regions Quick Key
Q Main Content Quick Key
H Headings Quick Key
1-6 Headings level 1-6
Insert + F6 List of Headings
L List Quick Key
I List Item Quick Key


Moving within tables

Command Description
T Table Quick Key
Ctrl + Alt + Cell to Right
Ctrl + Alt + Cell to Left
Ctrl + Alt + Cell Below
Ctrl + Alt + Cell Above
Ctrl + Alt + Home First Cell
Ctrl + Alt+END Last Cell
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + First Cell in Column
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Last Cell in Column
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + First Cell in Row
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Last Cell in Row

Table reading

Command Description
Ctrl + Alt+Num Pad 5 Say Current Cell
Insert + Shift + Read Current Row
Insert + Shift + Home Read from Start of Row
Insert + Shift + Page Up Read to End of Row
Insert + Shift+Num Pad 5 Read Current Column
Insert + Shift + End Read from Top of Column
Insert + Shift + Page Down Read to Bottom of Column


Command Description
F Form Quick Key
B Button Quick Key
Enter (in a form element) Enter Forms Mode
Tab Navigate to Next form Control
Shift + Tab Navigate to Previous Form Control
Spacebar Select and Deselect Checkboxes
Alt + Open Combo Box/Jump Menu
Ctrl + Shift or Ctrl + Spacebar Select Multiple List Items
Ctrl+ \ Unselect All But Current
/ Select Radio Button
/ or the First letter Select Element in Combo Box
Enter (in forms mode) Submit Form
+ key Exit Forms Mode
Insert + F5 List of Form Elements


Command Description
Ctrl + Tab Move from one frame to the next frame within the page.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move from one frame to the previous frame within the page.
Ins + F9 Bring up a list of frames that are present within the page

Other Commands

Command Description
Ctrl + F Search for a word or a phrase
Ins + Esc Refresh Screen, i.e. repaints all the currently displayed items on the screen
Ins + F5 Reformat documents, i.e. reformats multiple column pages to be more readable with speech.
Insert + F1 Help with current element