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Keyboard Shortcuts for NVDA


An article on Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessibility is also available.


The following list of keyboard shortcuts should be helpful to a wide array of individuals and can be used as a quick reference guide. First, this guide will help NVDA users navigate within Mozilla Firefox. Second, this guide will be helpful to increase the awareness of web content developers regarding keyboard shortcuts that would conflict with NVDA. Finally, programmers will find the keyboard commands typical for NVDA users a helpful reference.


The NVDA key is set to the Insert key by default, but it can be changed to the Caps Lock key while installing NVDA .

Reading Text

Command Description
or Numpad 1 Say Prior Character
or Numpad 3 Say Next Character
Numpad 2 Say Current Character
Numpad 5 Say Word
Numpad 5 twice quickly Spell Word
Ctrl + or Numpad 4 Say Prior Word
Ctrl + or Numpad 6 Say Next Word
or Numpad 7 Say Prior Line
or Numpad 9 Say Next Line
NVDA + or Numpad 8 Say Current Line
NVDA + twice quickly Spell Current Line
NVDA + or Numpad + Read all starting at current position
Shift + Numpad 7 Top line
Shift + Numpad 9 Bottom Line
Shift + Numpad 1 Start of Line
Shift + Numpad 3 End of Line

Voice Rate

Command Description
Ctrl + NVDA + Decrease Voice Rate
Ctrl + NVDA + Increase Voice Rate
Ctrl + NVDA + / Change Voice Settings (Inflection, Pitch,etc.)

Headings, Regions, and Lists

Command Description
H Headings Quick Key
1-6 Headings level 1-6
D Region/Landmark Quick Key
L List Quick Key
I List Item Quick Key


Command Description
T Table Quick Key
Ctrl + Alt + Cell to Right
Ctrl + Alt + Cell to Left
Ctrl + Alt + Cell Below
Ctrl + Alt + Cell Above


Command Description
F Form Quick Key
B Button Quick Key
Enter or NVDA + Space (in a form element)

Enter Focus/Forms Mode

NVDA + Space Enter Browse Mode
Tab Navigate to Next form Control
Shift + Tab Navigate to Previous Form Control
Spacebar Select and Deselect Checkboxes
Alt + Open Combo Box/Jump Menu/Auto-complete Menu
/ Select Radio Button
/ or the First letter Select Element in Combo Box
X Checkbox
C Combo Box
R Radio Button
Enter (in forms mode) Submit Form

Other Commands

Command Description
Ctrl + F Search for a word or a phrase
NVDA + 1 Keyboard help
G Next graphic
Ctrl + / Previous/Next paragraph
Q Blockquote
NVDA + F2 Next key you hit ignores NVDA and is a normal Windows key
NVDA + 2 Speaks characters typed
NVDA + 3 Speaks words typed
NVDA + B Reads the entire foreground window (useful for reading a dialog box)
NVDA + T Announces the title of the current foreground window