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Re: offshore development and accessibility


From: Laura Harley
Date: Feb 26, 2007 6:20PM

My company recently worked with a firm in India who claimed to have
knowledge of Section 508 (among other things). After 8 months of trying to
work with this firm, the company was finally dropped for lack of competency
to meet the contract requirements. (There were specific legal designations
for breach of contract, which I don't know, but basically they were let out
of the contract for incompetency.)

My experience with the firm is that they read the Section 508 requirements,
but their understanding went no further than that. They had no real
understanding of what Section 508 required, on any level. The really didn't
understand assistive devices or screen readers. You had to tell them
explicitly what to do to implement the HTML. We finally decided we didn't
need them, because we were doing all the work anyway.

There may be firms in India who do understand Section 508, but my one
experience was extremely disappointing. The company misrepresented itself to
get the work, but couldn't deliver. The project mgr. staff kept twisting
words to get us to accept work from them that was very below standard. If we
wouldn't accept the work, they got angry and very pushy.

My 2 cents.


On 2/26/07 6:35 PM, "Jennison Asuncion" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> (*Apologies for the cross-posting.)
> Hello,
> I am interested in hearing from folks who would be willing to share
> their experience and/or best practices when it comes to dealing with
> offshore web development that includes accessibility requirements.
> Feel free to respond off-list if you'd prefer.
> Thanks,
> Jennison