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Label vs ALT tag on form elements


From: Keith Parks
Date: Mar 21, 2007 11:10AM

Hi folks.

Following on recent threads about hidden labels for form inputs, and
(I think?) a question about multiple inputs sharing the same label,
I was wondering about the use of an ALT tag on an input as a way of
communicating its function.

Our university recently purchased the AccCerify and AccRepair
products from HISoftware, and their Form Repair Utility gives the
option of either applying a LABEL to form inputs, or alternatively
applying a ALT tag.

I'd never heard of the ALT tag approach, but it would seem helpful
for those situations where the same LABEL would logically apply to
multiple elements (thus creating the need for "hidden" labels), or
the situation where the on-screen text doesn't provide particularly
clear or concise wording for a label.

So what's the scoop on ALT tags for form elements?



Keith Parks
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