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Re: Accessible Open Source CRM


From: mike.osborne@accease.com
Date: Apr 3, 2007 2:10PM

Thanks for the information. Yes - I am looking for a CRM - but "accessible
anything" is always useful and there seem to be so few accessible CMS's
out there.

I've worked with Joomla quite a bit and found it pretty good - adapting
templates away from table driven layouts. The admin interface is no way
accessible - and that is an interesting challenge in itself "accessible
authoring" and "accessible content management".

One issue I've yet to resolve with Joomla is the "Read more..." issue
where the header/teaser ends with the "Read more..." link to the main
article which is useless for screen readers especially when there are many
of them on a page. Has anyone seen any "fixes/patches" for this - I guess
it could be done by referencing the article title and appending it to the
"read more" to become "Read more about title...".

> Tim Beadle wrote:
>> On 03/04/07, Gareth Dart < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>>> I can second the Joomla! recommendation.
>> Just a quick heads-up: Mike was asking about CRM (Customer
>> Relationship Management), not CMSs (Content Management Systems). My
>> mention of the Drupal-based CiviCRM may have contributed to the
>> confusion - sorry.
> Oops... Oh well, the info re: Drupal/Joomla! still stands, FWIW...
> JF