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Overriding inaccessible default link text in Joomla: WAS:Accessible Open Source CRM


From: Gareth Dart
Date: Apr 4, 2007 3:30AM

Not sure how one goes about branching a thread - hope the above will do.

>From Mike Osborne:

<quote>One issue I've yet to resolve with Joomla is the "Read more..."
issue where the header/teaser ends with the "Read more..." link to the
main article which is useless for screen readers especially when there
are many of them on a page. Has anyone seen any "fixes/patches" for this
- I guess it could be done by referencing the article title and
appending it to the "read more" to become "Read more about

Exactly as you say: Not a fix or a patch as such, but if you search the
Joomla source code for echo statements of _READ_MORE and
_READ_MORE_REGISTER then you can append 'about ' and the title of the
article on to them, which is almost always $row->title.

So, $row->link_text = _READ_MORE; becomes $row->link_text = _READ_MORE.
" about ".$row->title;

The $row object is almost always available to methods which are
concerned with articles, but you may need to add it to the global
declarations at the start of the method.

In the english language file, the value of _READ_MORE is 'Read more...',
so you'll also want to go into the language manager and remove the
ellipsis there so the sentence makes sense. Same goes for

Also, apologies for not noticing that you said CRM and not CMS. D'oh!
Nice to see a few Joomla partisans come out of the woodwork, though. ;-)