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Re: Focus for error messages


From: tedd
Date: Apr 19, 2007 8:50AM

At 8:32 AM -0600 4/19/07, Jared Smith wrote:
>On 4/19/07, Karl Groves wrote:
>> Does anyone have any good examples of methods to supply error messages as
>> they occur that are accessible?
>We implemented a method that seems to work pretty well. It doesn't do
>it 'live', but after the form is submitted. You can try it out at
>http://webaim.org/contact/ (just leave a field blank, no worries if
>you accidentally send a message). It uses javascript to visually
>highlight the error messages as well as set focus directly to the
>error message. Links then provide direct access to the relevant form
>fields, also with visual highlighting and focus set. It works well,
>even with javascript disabled.
>If anyone has feedback about this approach, please post it. I'm
>working on packaging up the script and PHP code for others to use, but
>want to make sure it works correctly.
>Jared Smith


It doesn't check for a valid email address.


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