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Re: list-style:none on an Ordered list


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: May 16, 2007 1:50PM

I did a super quick test on an ordered list with 3 items with JAWS 8 and
WindowEyes 6 in IE 6.

If you set the list-style property on the ol element to none, JAWS and
WindowEyes will inform the user that there is a list with 3 items, but
will not read numbers for each of the items.

If you set the list-style property for the li element to none, JAWS will
both inform the user that there is a list with 3 items and read a number
for each item. WindowEyes act the same as when the property is set on
the ol element.

However, since the visible list contains numbers (as graphics,) I would
suggest that the information should be part of the accessible contents
and semantics of the page. Instead of making the graphics into a
background image, you may want to include them in the foreground with at
least some kind of alternative text description.

I would suggest refraining from placing any graphic in the background
unless it is an image the page does not need to convey its content or
serve its primary purpose. Come to think of it....I do not think I have
ever come across a graphic containing numbers that did not need either
an alternate text description or a longdesc.