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Re: Accessible professional video conferencing software, does it exist?


From: Emma Duke-Williams
Date: Jun 27, 2007 2:00AM

On 25/06/07, Jared Smith < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> mean their whiteboard is fully accessible to screen reader and
> keyboard users? My experience is that there is often a very wide gap I ask,
> because if they have figured a way to make whiteboards (or chats or
> web tours or streamed presentations) accessible, I'd love to see how
> they've done it.

I can't see how you could make a white board accessible to a
screenreader ... I'm just thinking about it now, a description would
have to accompany the drawing - so it might start saying
"There's a red rectangle.
There is a blue trapezium on top of it.
Now there is a green rectangle standing on the short end in the centre
of the bottom of the red rectangle".

Is the system going to suddenly say "Oh, I think he's drawing a house".

Did the person drawing the house set any meaning by the colours they
selected, or was it just random?

Would the person drawing get the shapes accurately enough to enable
the system to have described them in the first place?

Was it not a house after all, just a random selection of shapes?

Or, would you have an "extra" chat window/ channel to have a 3rd
person describing the image as it appears, much as a friend etc.,
would do in a face to face setting with whiteboards?


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