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Re: plug-in/viewer links


From: Keith Parks
Date: Jul 5, 2007 1:40PM

On Jul 5, 2007, at 6:00 AM, Golley, Shawn (Intern) wrote:

> Responding to the second angle of your question, since Michael covered
> the other aspect pretty thoroughly:
> it is a good idea to provide links to a central downloads page
> where you
> can provide access to all of the necessary viewers or plugins at once,
> rather than placing individual links on each page. We at the PTO
> switched to this method about two years ago. This will drastically
> reduce the maintenance required should a plugin update in version or a
> site redesign cause the download link to change.

But if you are using any of the automated 508 checkers, this approach
technically would cause a page to fail, wouldn't it?

Aren't they programmed to look for a specific link, say to the
Acrobat download page?

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