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Automated Checking of PDF Documents?


From: Patrick Burke
Date: Jul 5, 2007 2:10PM

Hi everyone,

Do any of the automated testing tools check PDF files?

Or is the Adobe "Read Out Loud" command a simple & effective test of
the level of accessibility? (This would also give some feedback on
forms & tables, at least to someone who knew what they were listening for.)

Then there's always the Jaws demo & the "This document appears to be
empty" test. ...

We have a lot of non-technical people generating PDFs, so I'm looking
for any quick & reasonably good test they can run to get some
verification that they're using the creation tools correctly.
Thanks much for any thoughts,

Patrick (This brain appears to be empty.)

Patrick J. Burke

UCLA Disabilities &
Computing Program

Phone: 310 206-6004
E-mail: burke <at> ucla. edu