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Re: PDF Accidentally Saving As MHT


From: Emma Duke-Williams
Date: Jul 25, 2007 2:30AM

You get the mht if you go to the second option on the drop down list
of file types: "Web Archive, single file"

My gut feeling would be that it's the mht that's causing the problem.
I've tried to recreate it, but can't - initially because Adobe doesn't
like IE at the moment - not sure why, but as I prefer Firefox, I'm not
unduly worried, and then when I tried to save an html page in WebCT
as .mht, it told me it couldn't.

Sorry not to have been more help.


On 24/07/07, Patrick Burke < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I ran into an interesting problem recently on a WebCT site. Using
> Jaws, but I don't think that played a role. This was something that a
> student showed me very quickly, & I haven't had the chance to do more testing.
> The behavior was this: IE7 wanted to save an in-browser pdf as a .mht
> file. Re-opening the .mht in IE produced garbage (I didn't think at
> the time to change the file extension back to pdf to see what would happen).
> I'm wondering what triggered the .mht saveAs. Perhaps the cursor was
> outside the displayed file's window. There was a "Back to Parent
> Document" button, so I'm suspecting the course author (or the WebCT
> system) created a wrapper for the PDF. Or is this related to how IE
> displays some PDF's?
> Has anyone encountered this saving-as-MHT phenomenon anywhere, but
> esp. in a courseware environment?
> Thanks for any leads,
> Patrick
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