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Read Captions in a display braille?


From: Jorge Fernandes
Date: Jul 26, 2007 1:30PM


Using SMIL, I synchronized closed-caption in a video.
Windows version: http://www.acesso.umic.pt/id/
id042/042_leg_win_pt.html .
Mac version: http://www.acesso.umic.pt/id/id042/042_leg_mac_pt.html .

Do you know any process to access directly to closed captioning with
a refreshable braille display? I tried with VoiceOver in Mac (that in
one of the lasts versions of Quicktime can access to QT interface -
only speech) and with JAWS in Windows, but without success. I don't
want the transcript. I'm really interested in read the synchronized
caption in Braille.

Any help?

Thanks, Jorge Fernandes