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Re: Read Captions in a display braille?


From: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Date: Jul 30, 2007 4:10PM

I haven't done a study of this, but I know that if you plant the JAWS
cursor over the caption area in WindowsMedia you can have the captions
spoken, and therefore presented in Braille. I don't know about other
media players.

However, as Sean points out, this may not be a very usable experience,
and a deaf-blind user may be better served by a trascript that can be
read at the user's own pace.


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> > Do you know any process to access directly to closed
> captioning with a
> > refreshable braille display?
> The short answer is "no", but I have to ask what need are you
> trying to meet?
> The transcript *should* have the same information as the
> captions. I am not familiar with any braille displays (or
> screen-readers for that matter) that will automatically track
> the caption track and update the braille display.
> In some respects, I don't even think this is a desirable
> feature unless control over how the captions would be
> presented could be controlled by the end-user.
> Take care,
> sean