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Re: Read Captions in a display braille?


From: Moore, Michael
Date: Jul 31, 2007 7:20AM

Andrew and Sean,

I strongly agree with the transcript solution that you suggest. The
transcript can provide the following advantages to deaf/blind users and

1. Navigable structure
Headings, lists, etc. can make it easier to find information
within the transcript - benefits all users.

2. Better access to all of the information within the video.
A good transcript should include discriptions of significant
content presented through video as well as the dialog and sound effects.
Captions only present the audio information.

3. Lower bandwidth requirement
An html transcript will require less bandwith to download, a
strong benefit for those with slow connections or IT policies
restricting access to mutimedia due to bandwith constraints.

4. Better search engine indexing.
Proper mark-up of a transcript will result in a searchable
document or collection of documents enabling all users to find
information more efficiently.

5. Greater portability
Multimedia player plug-ins are not required allowing use on
older systems, cell phones, pda's and in environments where the use of
multimedia is prohibited by policy.

In short, whenever possible a transcript should be included with
multimedia to ensure access for everyone. If you are going to go
through the effort to create captions and audio description you alread
have all of the content needed to create a really good transcript.


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I haven't done a study of this, but I know that if you plant the JAWS
cursor over the caption area in WindowsMedia you can have the captions
spoken, and therefore presented in Braille. I don't know about other
media players.

However, as Sean points out, this may not be a very usable experience,
and a deaf-blind user may be better served by a trascript that can be
read at the user's own pace.


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> > Do you know any process to access directly to closed
> captioning with a
> > refreshable braille display?
> The short answer is "no", but I have to ask what need are you trying
> to meet?
> The transcript *should* have the same information as the captions. I
> am not familiar with any braille displays (or screen-readers for that
> matter) that will automatically track the caption track and update the

> braille display.
> In some respects, I don't even think this is a desirable feature
> unless control over how the captions would be presented could be
> controlled by the end-user.
> Take care,
> sean