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Re: iPhone with screen CSS support?


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Sep 17, 2007 8:20AM

> Did you think that someday Steve Jobs will write a letter to iPhone
> Clients with the issue: "Why iPhone changed from screen to handheld
> CSS support."?

The iPhone Is running a regular version of Safari and, as far as it is
concerned, has no size inferiority complexes.

In otherwords, when using an iPhone, you see the full size page just as
you would on any desktop computer. You then zoom around it to read parts
of it. In that sense, it's rather accessible, as you can zoom the entire
page up as large as you need to.

So, I agree with Joe Clark in a way. That said, we have a similar
problem where sites are now building iPhone-only pages on their sites
which just seems to be compounding the issue...which makes me think
that, yes, indeed, the iPhone SHOULD support handheld CSS. I suppose the
issue, though, is that one would want different CSS for other handhelds
vs. the iPhone, which has a rather unique UI interface. Ugh...I just
argued a point in a complete circle there, I think...