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Re: Gmail and accessibility


From: Sean Keegan
Date: Sep 19, 2007 5:00PM

> So, if the review shows that there are serious gaps in
> the accessibility of the google apps, what next? Unless
> I'm missing something, at this stage it's just a review,
> not a plan to rectify any issues that bubbled to the surface.

My point was that at least there is some information (admittedly, from
*them*) that identifies the accessibility issues within the interface. Such
information could be then taken back to administration, purchasing,
contracts office, etc. and used as part of the decision-making process for
deciding between different vendors. Perhaps they have identified three
different potential vendors that meet their specific e-mail needs and are
looking for an accessibility review of the products? I don't know - the
original poster did not go into any detail, just that he was interested in
any experiences of knowledge about Gmail accessibility.

Incidentally, my colleague did ask the follow-up question, "Now that you
know the issues, what are your plans to address the shortcomings and/or will
you continue to develop inaccessible apps only to fix them at a later date?"

Let's just say there were a lot of crickets chirping...

Take care,