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Re: Colour contrast standard


From: tedd
Date: Oct 24, 2007 6:50PM

At 2:25 PM +0100 10/23/07, Patrick Lauke wrote:
> > tedd
>> Excuse me for injecting my two cents, but how does contrast standards
>> work with the different states of links? If you study the problem,
>> you'll see that there's not enough range to provide sufficient
>> contrast between different states of links using 500 or even 400.
>In part, the onus is on the user agent to work in tandem with any
>user settings. For instance, I'd see it as the browser's duty to -
>if requested by the user - clearly outline the link that currently
>has focus...but the line is certainly blurry.
>Just looking at normal/focussed, I've tended to invert
>foreground/background to differentiate the two states.
>Visited/unvisited is certainly more problematic...again, part of me
>wants to say that it's really the browser's job to help out here,
>but of course it's wishful thinking.
>One dubious approach I remember was to style visited links with a
>strikethrough-type styling, but that makes them very difficult to
>then read.
>Sorry, no real answer, just throwing some more thoughts into the ideas stew...


I knew there was no answer. I was simply making the statement that
the contrast requirement is not possible if one was to apply it to
different states of a link. So, in this case, the requirements are
beyond our ability to comply.


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