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Re: Colour contrast standard


From: Patrick Lauke
Date: Oct 23, 2007 7:30AM

> tedd

> Excuse me for injecting my two cents, but how does contrast standards
> work with the different states of links? If you study the problem,
> you'll see that there's not enough range to provide sufficient
> contrast between different states of links using 500 or even 400.

In part, the onus is on the user agent to work in tandem with any user settings. For instance, I'd see it as the browser's duty to - if requested by the user - clearly outline the link that currently has focus...but the line is certainly blurry.

Just looking at normal/focussed, I've tended to invert foreground/background to differentiate the two states. Visited/unvisited is certainly more problematic...again, part of me wants to say that it's really the browser's job to help out here, but of course it's wishful thinking.

One dubious approach I remember was to style visited links with a strikethrough-type styling, but that makes them very difficult to then read.

Sorry, no real answer, just throwing some more thoughts into the ideas stew...