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Jaws Scripts for Adobe Flex


From: Patrick Burke
Date: Jan 10, 2008 4:20PM

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has successfully used the Jaws scripts
offered by Adobe to make their Flex technology accessible:


I tried installing the Flex 1.5-2 script file for Jaws 6.10 & above,
but received an error message.:

"Could not back up your original files. Check the validity of your
Jaws installation."

Unfortunately they have packaged everything into an exe file, so I
can't copy the script files into the right folders, as I would
normally do with new scripts.

Thoughts from anyone who has been down this road are would be much appreciated.

Sample Flex page: A dual slider:


Patrick J. Burke

UCLA Disabilities &
Computing Program

Phone: 310 206-6004
E-mail: burke <at> ucla. edu