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Re: Form labeling question


From: Aaron Cannon
Date: Mar 21, 2008 1:10PM

What about giving each radio button a descriptive title? Or is that a bad hack? I believe that if Jaws doesn't find a label associated with a form field, it looks for a title attribute. Is this true for other screen readers as well?


>>> Keith Parks < <EMAIL REMOVED> > 3/21/2008 1:14 PM >>>

Hi folks.

I'm trying to put together a form with some rank-order questions, and
I'm having trouble figuring out the labels.

A sample question, with the layout the client is asking for:


What types of events would you like to see more of? (indicate your
top three)

1 2 3
• • • Comedy Nights
• • • Dances
• • • Films
• • • Athletic events
• • • Community Service
• • • Battle of the Bands


The bullets above represent radio buttons. If this was a data table,
it would be easy to solve with row and column scope, but I can't
figure out an equivalent for labels. Plus, not only does each radio
button need *two* labels, but each activity would need to be the
label for three buttons.

Any suggestions?



Keith Parks
Graphic Designer/Web Designer
Student Affairs Communications Services
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182-7444
(619) 594-1046


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