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Adding abbreviations in Acrobat 8


From: Dan Conley
Date: Apr 23, 2008 7:40AM

Hi, I just recently got Acrobat 8 pro so that I could make PDFs of
articles that my institution is publishing. We're very committed to
accessibility, so I've been doing my best to prepare the documents in
Word and so on before converting.

I'm running into a problem with abbreviations, though. I've found how to
expand them... it just doesn't work. I follow the instructions on the
Adobe site (http://tinyurl.com/5tbllp), and it all makes sense, but the
changes are (mostly) never saved. I'll add the alternate text 'Spinal
Cord Injuries' for 'SCI,' then look at the tag again and the alt text
will be blank. Sometimes it changes, but I can't figure out why then and
not other times. Sometimes it changes but then won't change to anything
else, sometimes it changes the abbreviation for *each* tag under the
abbreviation's parent tag...

It's frustrating, because I know what to do but it's not working. Has
anyone else encountered this problem, or know what I may be doing wrong?

Dan Conley
Information Specialist
Center for International Information Research and Exchange (CIRRIE)
University at Buffalo, Health Sciences Library B6
Phone: (716) 829-3900 x145