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Re: Adding abbreviations in Acrobat 8


From: Keith Parks
Date: Apr 23, 2008 1:40PM

On Apr 23, 2008, at 6:31 AM, Dan Conley wrote:
> Hi, I just recently got Acrobat 8 pro so that I could make PDFs of
> articles that my institution is publishing. We're very committed to
> accessibility, so I've been doing my best to prepare the documents in
> Word and so on before converting.
> [snip]
> It's frustrating, because I know what to do but it's not working. Has
> anyone else encountered this problem, or know what I may be doing
> wrong?


I can't tell you what you might be doing wrong, but I too have found
Acrobat 8's accessibility touch-up tools to be very inconsistent and
hard to work with. Haven't tried adding abbreviation ALT text, but
other seemingly simple tasks (image ALTs, reading order touch-up)
have proven to be very frustrating, with the same results of changes
and attributes applied but then not "sticking" when I went back and
inspected my changes.

Either the program is actually buggy, and simply does not function as
described, or possibly the interface is just extremely *picky* in how
the various windows, tools and controls work, and I'm not operating
them properly. But for me at least, fixing accessibility in Acrobat
has been MUCH harder that it ought to be, given the functionality
that at least in theory is part of the software.

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