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Re: Screenreader support for title....


From: Steve Green
Date: Jun 3, 2008 11:20AM

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Thanks for your replies everyone and thanks for the links to the research by

I probably should have made that more clear; I meant using a title on a
HREF, although it is interesting to see the amount of support for it on form

I've been ignoring using it for a while due to what I assumed was a lack of
support; and putting all valid information in the ALT tag when it is a HREF
around and image.

It would be good if assistive software came on board and had more support
for the title attribute. Another way around it would be HTML support for the
ALT attribute on the HREF, so you could make your non-descriptive text links
more descriptive.

Or, maybe that's going to confuse things more :)

Thanks again,

Assistive technologies are not the problem. The problem is that you are
trying to present information by means of a non-standard method of user
interaction. The basic interaction model is that stuff is displayed on
screen and you click something to view more stuff. Hovering over an element
to obtain more information is not an expected means of interaction.

The standards do not define how support for 'title' attributes should be
implemented in user agents. The most common ones implement it by hovering
over an element, but few users are aware of this and some cannot interact
this way such as people who use keyboard navigation or voice recognition