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Re: labeling question


From: Nancy Johnson
Date: Jun 3, 2008 11:50AM

Thank you for your answers. At this point in time there may be talk
of consolidating all date into one box with a calendar pop up, but I'm
not sure if and when this will happen.

I have a further question. Since I have found labeling issues as well
as other 508 issues throughout this site, I am doing a check on all

I came across the following coding as a way to compensate for 3 select
boxes with one description. See a truncated version below.

It uses empty label tags. Would that be considered an acceptable
alternative? http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/f_recalls/f_recallsearch.cfm
The page is an older page with tabular mark up.

<label for="from_dt_month" title="Month"></label>
<select name="from_dt_month" id="from_dt_month" tabindex="1">
<option value=0>Month
<option Value=0>_____
<option Value=1>Jan

<label for="from_dt_day" title="Day"></label>
<select name="from_dt_day" id="from_dt_day" tabindex="2">

<option value=0>Day
<option Value=0>___
<option Value=1 >1


<label for="from_dt_year" title="Year"></label>
<select name="from_dt_year" id="from_dt_year" tabindex="3">

<option value=0>Year
<option Value=0>_____

<option Value=2008 >2008
<option Value=2007 >2007


Thanks again,