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Scripting Enabled - Accessible hacking is on!


From: Christian Heilmann
Date: Jun 25, 2008 5:50AM

This weekend I went to Mashed08 buy the BBC/Microsoft/The
Guardian/Channel4 in London and as a hack I showed a screenreader
friendly search interface for the BBC audio archive. I also asked the
audience if that is something they'd be interested in helping to hack in
an own event and the feedback was good. Actually Channel4 was so
impressed with the idea that they gave me a price, so here we are.

Scripting Enabled is an Event I want to kick off on the 19th and 20th of
September in London: http://scriptingenabled.org/

It is going to be a day of presentations showing what barriers disabled
people face in using social networks, web products and communication
channels we use these days. This one will be followed by a day of
ethical hacking using the APIs companies offer to access their data to
build less daunting interfaces.

As an example check the hacks I have done:

http://youtube.com versus http://icant.co.uk/easy-youtube/
http://flickr.com versus http://icant.co.uk/easy-flickr/
http://www.slideshare.net/cheilmann/purple-hack-fodder versus

I am currently trying to find a location for the event and I need more
sponsors to help with catering and other necessities.

I don't want this to be a one-off event but rather become both an online
resource for real, up-to-date accessibility information and a framework
for small unconferences and hackathons covering the subject of mashing
up systems to become more accessible.

I'd be grateful for any support you can give, so if anyone wants to
become a sponsor or knows great locations, please comment on the site or
drop me a line!