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Re: Foreign: WCAG 1.0/2.0 and buttons that open a new window?


From: Moore, Michael
Date: Jun 25, 2008 7:00AM

Opening a new window using a JS Alert or similar function should not
cause any accessibility problems. This is typical application behavior.
Screen readers will announce that a dialog box will open, and even
people with cognitive disabilities should minimally affected because
this is typical behavior within forms and applications. Most
applications do this on a regular basis.

The accessibility issue is raised when a link opens in a new window
because if the user does not know that this has happened then the
typical behavior of being able to use the back button on a browser has
been disabled. Window Eyes and JAWS screen readers will announce when a
new window is opened though but it is a good idea to indicate opening in
a new window within a link.

The most severe case is the unannounced popup that is not initiated
deliberately by the user. This type of pop-up is triggered by timing,
closing windows, or through another event not related to clicking on a
link. They are primarily used as advertisements, including within adware
and should always be avoided by reputable developers. If you client
believes that they need this type of functionality on their site, ask
them if return visits to the site are important to them.


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Passing on a question from a colleague:

"Based on either WCAG 1.0 or WCAG 2.0, I've been looking for direction
regarding the opening of new windows and notifying the user beforehand.
In order to notify the user beforehand that an element will open a new
window, I've seen references to providing titles on hyperlinks and alt
on input type of image (understanding that entry input types of radio,
text, checkbox, file, and password shouldn't open new windows
automatically). However, I can't seem to find any reference to how to
implement notification to the user that an input type of button will
open a new window.

Can you indicate whether it is a requirement to notify the user if an
input type of button opens a new window? If the answer is yes, can you
provide some guidance on how this would be implemented in the code
(e.g., through the use of title, alt, etc.)?"