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Best Practice for interaction between Closed Captioning and Audio


From: Becky Reed
Date: Sep 5, 2008 11:50AM

I am working on adding closed captioning to a web application that uses audio extensively (explains critical educational concepts using audio over video). I am looking for what the best practice is around closed captioning as I have noted varied implementation of this feature and really want to get to the right thing...

I have two issues I'm working through:

(1) When supplying a closed captioning button on the interface:

1. Mute all audio when I bring up CC
2. Leave audio rolling in addition to the CC

(2) Also, a "sound off" (mute) button has been discussed. Behavior would be to turn on CC when the "mute" button is selected. While I think CC on for a mute/sound off is fine, I'm hesitant to accept a mute button as a sufficient visual cue to indicate CC is available. I have seen instances of this, but it doesn't quite feel right. Thoughts on this?

Any feedback is appreciated. Experience/testing around either of these issues?

Thanks very much,

Becky Reed
IxD, Healthwise