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Re: Best Practice for interaction between Closed Captioning and Audio


From: Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
Date: Sep 5, 2008 12:50PM

Becky Reed wrote:
> (1) When supplying a closed captioning button on the interface:
> 1. Mute all audio when I bring up CC
> 2. Leave audio rolling in addition to the CC

I don't understand why you'd want to do (1). I often have closed
captions and audio on, personally.

> (2) Also, a "sound off" (mute) button has been discussed. Behavior would be to turn on CC when the "mute" button is selected. While I think CC on for a mute/sound off is fine, I'm hesitant to accept a mute button as a sufficient visual cue to indicate CC is available. I have seen instances of this, but it doesn't quite feel right. Thoughts on this?

However, I don't think a "mute" button is a sufficient cue to the
availability of closed captions. It's important for users to be able to
show captions and for them to be able to mute audio, but these should be
separate controls in my view.

Turning on captions when the "mute" button is selected sounds like a
cute idea, however. When Mute is pressed, show closed captions even if
CC is not depressed. When sound is restored, turn of the closed captions
if CC is not depressed. If CC is depressed, keep closed captions on
regardless of Mute status.

> Experience/testing around either of these issues?

I wish. :)

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis